Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Fresh Skin at Spring

At the end of the winter, many people are having a problem like winter. Dirt flies more in this time. So dirt can harm skin and causes many skin infections.

Fresh Skin at Spring

Skin burns, skin red dye fall, acne, eczema, itching, rough skin is very common at this time. If you are not aware of these problems. If we aware before we can get relief these types of harms. Avoiding dirt we can use musk. This time we should use a moisturizer. Using moisturizer the skin will be soft, not rough. Take the A; C and E vitamins. These vitamins are rich in anti-oxidants. 

When, eczema, itching and skin will burns go to the physician and take quick advice. Don’t be unconscious about your skin at this time.

Facial skin is the most sensitive part of other body’s skin part. So, firstly we need to solve total facial skin problem. Skin’s acne, black spots or burn the skin, take the advantage of facial which suited to your face. Take facial at different times. And it will be before spring. If you do not do this, otherwise it creates problems and like many special day you will need lot of heavy makeup to cover the problems. This will make worse later.

In spring take a light makeup with dress. This will look good. At the end when you come back home of course you should clean your skin deep. Those skins are oily, use oil free moisturizer and whose skins are dry, use oil enriched moisturizer and massage well then clean the face well.

You can also massage the home made facial pack. Understand the skin type and use under effective homemade facial.

For Dry skin
Avocado with milk and honey mixture is good for dry skin.

For Oily skin
Those with oily skin, you can massage the fuller's earth mixed with orange juice. Want to get better results are mixed with cucumber juice.

For Normal skin
For normal skin, flour, milk and honey mix is very beneficial.


  1. Love this blog post!

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  2. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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  3. Great post! Love skin related posts! My skin is sensitive, but I will try some of the stuff you recommend for oily skin!

  4. So true. I haven't been taking great care of my skin lately!

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  5. Beautiful post, thx for sharing thse tips.

  6. Winter can do a number to my skin, it could definitely use some TLC right now. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  7. I definitely suffer with dry skin and its awful! Thankfully the weather being better is helping but I think I definitely need to try the avocado mixture!

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