Monday, 16 May 2016

Necessary of Beauty Sleep and Its Usefulness

Necessary of Beauty Sleep

Long uninterrupted good sleep helps to live long. You fell fresh after a good night sleep. For radiant skin, there is no substitute for a good sleep. Your little aware makes possible of a beauty sleep.

Necessary of Beauty Sleep and Its Usefulness for various perspective

The sun's harmful rays and pollution damage to the skin. During night the damage cell of the skin layers reconstitute through sleep and the skin becomes fresh. The most outer layer of the skin “Stratam Corneyam” is active during sleep. This damaged cells layer serves the nurse back to health during sleep.

Beauty Care

Good sleep contributes to healthy skin. So, clean the skin well before going to sleep at night. Use face wash which is fit with skin. Skin is become affected if you do not properly clean your skin well and it make your skin older. After washing your face, use a reputed branded cream. Because the blood circulation of the body is increased at night. As a result, the night cream and moisturizer which is made specifically use for the skin to be more effective. Remember, moisturizer has no alternative to hold skin’s moisture. The amount of oil and water from the skin are decreased when the age is lifting. As a result, dry skin and wrinkles begin to see on skin. Moisturizers help skin to retain moisture. To alleviate dry skin, as well as moisturizer increase brightness. In addition, at least eight hours of sleep is necessary to maintain youthful skin.

Hair Care is important for good sleep. Before going to sleep scratch the hair three to five minutes with comb. Massage your hair with hot oil at least two days in a week. It keeps hair healthy and increase the blood circulation of head. Before going to bed tie your hair loosely. It helps to a better sleep.

Sleep straight to bed
Those who are sleep straight; they do not become in the short term aging. Because straight sleep helps to remain skin tight and flexible.

Satin pillow cover is ideal for a good night's sleep. In addition, change the pillowcases at least once a week. 


  1. it did work for me to read this I usually sleep really late!:(

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    1. Late sleep will harm your skin. So avoid this habit as soon as possible.

  2. I have been getting a lot more sleep lately and it has made such a difference in my daily performance with whatever I do.

    Dakota D.

    1. Late sleep and long sleep both are harmful of our health. It slowly damage our kidney and it creates gastric problem also.

  3. Great blog post girlie and such great tips!

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  4. Such a wonderful; post on beauty sleep. I've also heard that it's important for women to go to sleep at 10pm, because 10-12 sleep is the most important x
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  6. There is such a difference after you get a good night's sleep! It's easy to forget the importance of it though.

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  9. These are great tips! I've been wanting to get a satin pillow case for a while now.

  10. That's a well written post . I sleep for 8 hours and I can see the difference.
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  14. i think beauty sleep is so important! i am about to head to bed right now haha

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  18. I totally agree with you, a good sleep is essential for a healthy body and beautiful skin. Thanks for this interesting post and your nice comment on my blog. Have a great week, xoxo

  19. Amazing post! I would not miss my sleep for anything in this world hihi

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  21. Good tips! Think I really need to start using oil in my hair, a lot of people have said there are loads of benefits. xx

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