Saturday, 31 March 2018

Turmeric for Beauty Care

In general, turmeric is known as spice, but its position is not restricted to the kitchen itself. Long ago, raw turmeric was used for beauty care. It is also known as tested herbal formulas. So you can keep trust on turmeric for your regular beauty care. But some awareness is needed before use.

Turmeric and its skin benefits

Turmeric helps to brighten the skin, removes acne rash and helps remove fungus infections. You can also get relief to eat raw turmeric juice in order to keep yourself healthy.

It is harmful for skin to use turmeric directly on the skin. Turmeric must always be mixed with something else and in a very small amount.

To remove acne problem, you can use turmeric with neem powder, sandalwood powder and honey. It will help you to remove acne problem.Turmeric helps to remove oil on the skin. Mix turmeric powder with orange or malta juice and honey then make a paste with these ingredients. Use this paste on your skin. This paste will help for removing the inner lymphocyte oil in your skin. For dry skin, you can use turmeric powder, orange or malta juice, white part of egg and olive oil with sugar mixture paste.

Turmeric helps to eliminate the wrinkles. Make a paste with turmeric powder, tomato juice or orange juice and lentil powder. Put this paste on your face for a few minutes then wash your face with light warm water. Turmeric powder and sandalwood powder paste will help to remove black spot in under eye.For removing stress mark in your body use turmeric powder, semolina and oil paste on your body. 

Mix aloe vera with turmeric, it works as an antiseptic. This mixture removes the sunburn problem. Drinking milk with turmeric powder helps to bright skin. You can also use milk and turmeric paste on your skin it also helps to bright skin.

If you go outside after using only turmeric paste,your skin may burn in the sun. That's why something to be mixed in. 

Who have oily skin they can use raw turmeric, milk and honey paste on their skin. If the skin is dry, you can add olive oil or coconut oil. This mixture will remove the sun tan and stains on your face.

If you have acne problems use turmeric, yogurt and neem paste on your skin. You can use raw turmeric, milk and honey mix on normal skin.

The blood is cleaned by eating raw turmeric with light warm milk in the morning. It helps your skin bright and shiny from inside. If you want, you can make milk shake by adding honey, turmeric and milk.

It is not right to use anything more for the skin. Then the normal oil of the skin is damaged. Using a pack for more than two days a week, it doesn’t damage the skin.

In the end, we have to return to nature. So you can give yourself as beauty treatment to natural elements.

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