Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Rice Powder for Skin Care

Rice powder is one of the main elements to make cake. Now rice powder not only we use for making cake we use it on our skin also. It has great effectiveness in daily beauty care. Because rice powder have a nice ingredient which is beneficial for all skin type.  Rice powder is very useful for cleaning skin. It has no side effect. But all rice powder that cannot be used on the skin. Rice powder is very effective for scrubbing. 

rice powder for skin care scrubbing

If rice powder is now bought in the market but it is better to make it at home. For this soak the rice. After an hour, pour water well then blend well with blender.

If you want to use rice powder on oily skin, only water will be mixed. However, it is better not to use rice powder directly on dry skin. In this case, honey, castor oil or olive oil can be used; Which will help to keep the dry skin normal.

rice powder for skin care

Besides cleansing the skin, rice powder help to root out of black heads, and help to root out facial hair on both sides of the nose. After washing the face with soap or face wash, we need to use moisturizer on our skin. But after clearing the face with rice powder, moisturizing is not needed separately.

It can be refrigerated to save rice powder. But if the powder is yellow, then it cannot be used anymore.

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