Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Orange Peel for Skin Care and its Benefit

Vitamin C is good for heath and skin care and Orange fruit is the good source of Vitamin C. in the natural beauty world Orange peels have a many offer. Orange peels contain phytonutrients and nutrients that are really useful to the skin and can heal various skin conditions.

Skin Care Benefit of Orange Peels

Vitamin C is also in orange peels. Take out the juice by boiling the orange peels. Massage gently it with any oil before taking bath. Smooth feeling will come on the skin. 

Orange Peel for Skin Care and its Benefit and beauty care

      ** By using rice powder, curd and orange peels mask black heads will be removed.

         ** Use orange peel paste to reduce acne problems.

        ** Try the orange peel as a scrubber, the dead skin will remove , the skin will be soft.

      ** The problem of open lymph nodes will be resolved gradually by using orange peel paste.

        **  If you have uneven black spot on the skin, mix flour, orange juice and orange peels and massage it for a while.

          **  With any pack, you can use orange peels. The skin will shine.

          **  Mix orange peels with milk or yogurt to remove sunburn.

         **  Soak the orange peels whole night and clean and wash the hair with the water in the morning. Three things will be done hair is clean, removing dandruff and hair soft.

orange peel for skin and beauty care

Do not do that

  **  If you have plan to use orange peels freezes, skip them. The quality will decrease.

  **  Do not keep dry orange peels for long time. Fungus can grow on it.

  **  Do not go to the sun after using orange peel or pack. The skin will burn in the sun.

  **  Whose skin is sensitive, away from using orange peels. Because allergy can be. If anyone needs to use, the amount of the pack will be more and the orange peel will be less.

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