Friday, 11 March 2016

Radiant Rosy Makeup Tutorial Hue Series

This look is all about fresh, radiant and healthy looking skin. Use rosy shades to mimic a natural flush of color.

Radiant Rosy Makeup Tutorial hue series


1. Always starts by massaging your moisturizer into the skin to ensure maximum absorption. This will allow your foundation to look fresh.

2. Absorb excess oil with a tissue or oil blotters before applying foundation.

3. Less is more! Focus on clean skin and just one pop of color.

4. Using the same shade of blush and lips will tie the look together. Not to mention making your application all that much easier.

Radiant Rosy Makeup Tutorial Hue Series

5. Dark circles can single handedly tire the entire face. This two in one concealer and highlighter will instantly brighten and conceal problematic areas.

Radiant Rosy Makeup Tutorial Hue Series

6. Keep it simple and use just one color to create a natural flush on your cheeks and lips. Using your fingers to apply will warm and sheer the product out. Press color onto the lips until you achieve the desired depth.

Radiant Rosy Makeup Tutorial Hue Series

7. Highlighting the skin will finish the look with a touch of radiance. A must for day or evening looks. Key spots that work for everyone are the inner corner of the eyes. Cupids bow and cheekbones.  

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