Saturday, 19 December 2015

5 Ways to Put on Berry Lipstick

Sometimes you would like mouth which appear merely as well as quietly purged; additional occasions you'll need a daring pucker which sticks out whenever you stroll within the space. The good thing is that you could possess these two looks-and much more! And you will get it done with no cosmetic’s situation filled with items. The key? A berry shade of lipstick.

Berry shades are a great alternative when it comes to experimenting because they seem great washed out or with a full coverage application. Once you’ve got your berry-hued lipstick, try these pretty lip looks.

5 Ways to Put on Berry Lipstick

  •  Dab your finger on the top of the lipstick. Then, lightly pat your finger onto your pout. This gives a bit of a stain effect.
  •  Add a clear or sheer, light-colored gloss on top of the stain application. This gives you a washed out, shiny look.
  •  Slick on a darker, berry colored gloss over the stain for a rich, but shiny pucker.
  •  Try a traditional application of your berry lipstick. This deepens the color of your pout.
  •  Go even deeper and darker with a little swipe of the lipstick and then on top of this apply a lip  pencil  that is one berry shade darker than your lipstick to your entire mouth.