Thursday, 28 April 2016

Moisturizers at Summer

The thought of applying moisturizers in seeing hot at summer is out of mind? We don’t have any intention about applying cream on our skin at summer. But the skin loses moisture at summer. Skin becomes dry the Overall losses the amount of water in our body. And so we cannot be forgotten about apply moisturizer on skin to maintain moisture at summer’s heat. Need to apply moisturizer at this time. Don’t use heavy moisturizer like winter, use light moisturizer in this time.

Moisturizers at Summer thought of applying moisturizer at summer

Using Process of Moisturizers at Summer

We should apply moisturizer every time after washing face. Using moisturizers on the skin does not create of any excess moisture, but also to avoid the adverse effects of alkaline substances it is better to use moisturizer. If you do not apply moisturizer after using face wash on your skin may become dry.

Mix equivalent rose water and glycerin. You can use it as a moisturizer. If you have dry skin type, you can add a little olive oil. You can put honey with this moisturizer. Honey will work as moisturizer. After a while wash your face.

If the skin is extra dry you can wash your skin in milk’s skim and honey instead of cleanser. Milk’s skim and honey helps retain moisture in skin.

Apply sunscreen when you go out at home. Use it twenty minutes before. It will have less adverse effects of the sun on the skin, the skin will be moist. Water based moisturizer is good in this time. After taking moisturizer in face then take moisturizer in your throat. Take sunscreen moisturizer separately at hands and feet. This will help to retain moisture. Use light lotion after bathing and before going to bed. It is good for skin. Gel type of moisturizer is not bad in this weather. It easily absorbed into the skin and the skin has no sticky. Drink enough water in this time. Daily diet menu, everyone should be kept enough amounts of water, coconut water, fruit and vegetables.


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  9. Moisturizing is the most important thing in my skin care routine, even in summer I use strongly moisturizing facial creams.


    1. I think your skin is dry and dry skin always need moisturizers.

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  13. I use moisturizers twice a day, my skin is dry and quite sentitive :) Lovely post!


    1. If you don't apply moisturizers in dry skin, skin becomes more dry. so dry skin badly in need moisturizers.

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